What is life like in a zoo

What is life like in a zoo?

Day in day out they stare at you

People want to set us free

and don’t know what will ensue

In the presence of predators

Who will give me peace and shelter

What is life like in a zoo?

It is as boring as can be

What will happen once I’m freed?

No doctor’s ‘round to feed me pills

Even though I suffer boredom

I don’t care about fierce hunger

What is life like in a zoo?

I just stumbled on a clue.

Trash your nimbus of a saint

Survival out there isn’t quaint

Sometimes freedom isn’t good fun

Wild life isn’t very easy

What will happen once I’m freed?

Jumped on by scary, fearsome beasts.


Matryoshka Stories

Sooo                                                    you’ve been to Russia

Land…,                                                state of all evil

Well…                                                  of cyber warfare

Of                                                        matryoshka stories

U.S.                                                      gave a promise

Not                                                       not to enlargen

Now                                                     look at the map and

Find                                                      NATO expanded

We                                        need some fresh sanctions

more                                    military spending

some                                    tangible measures

for                                         new western pleasures

Well and state of all evil

And of cyber warfare

It’s a malign state

We need containment

Neander Tale

Neander Tale

I’ll be chasing rainbows         any      time

Waiting on your sign and I’ll comply

Ooohh             oooh

Ooohh             oooh

Jaunting to the           caves of          long     ago

Neandertal(ian) genes in each of us

Ooohh             oooh

Did      you      know   he        was      like      you and           me       pain     tings    in the   caves

Show   show

Show   show

He was chasing rainbows      all day long

He was having pine nuts and some fun

Oh, oh

Oh, oh

But      how     did      he        bu-       ry         his       friends?


He may have given flowers to the dead

For sure he’s still aboard in you and me

Pollyana in Top Shape (Blind People Can See)

You say blind people can     see

You can turn red lights to   green

You say that we learn from pain

I know that some fish can   fly

How                dare you         say:

It’s                   all child’s        play 

Some people love to conceal

The dark side of life which is real

Someone who’s deaf will not hear

The stagings of William Shakespeare

How dare you say:

It’s all child’s play 

You say when children do cry

This is something quite all right

You say old people just fade

I know what dying is about

Why do you deny?

How do you reply?

I’m not a merchant of doom

What about neighbours’ gun rooms?

You see through rose coloured glass

Beware of the snake in the grass

Why are you so shy?

In my mind’s eye 

You’re like Pollyanna in top shape

Reposing in blooming landscapes

Your glass is always half-full

You’re never anti-natal

How dare you say:

It’s all child’s play

You say I’m just chemistry

You claim it’s all entropy

Dub our feelings electric smog

There be no real dialogues 

Why are you so shy?

In my mind’s eye 

You say that love’s just a spark

Evoked by minor down quarks

Sympathy’s no real thing

Even so you’ll have offspring 

Why are you so shy?

In my mind’s eye

You say there is no free will

All bound by mechanical

Process reaction and stuff

So your mind, too, is hand-cuffed?



Chaos in the Megamachine



Kick-start a life      and celebrate         your child’s first drive,
perfume the air,     particulates  matter,


Born into     the world a leaf     swirled about         by      powerful
market forces


For just two days,  a flight to where,   the sun burns down,        it’s anywhere,
a hotel pool, departing:


Upmarket stuff      related to     conditions of         hardship


Take a seat, on a rush-hour train, play your muzak, at full blast, unheard of,
Acoustic pollution


Your smartphone neck is ridiculed by minerals extracted by underage labour
Buy a new one


Catch the early train and resign yourself to eight more hours of vain
Pharma profits


Day in day out, awareness scouts bring it home to us but we deny the fallout


The juicy steak, a foolproof fake, the cheapest cut, but in its wake, horror reigns, no humane,


Catch the early train and resign your-self to insights gained long before:



The Banker

The banker


My thoughts need time…

Your ideas re-align

Our views do depend

On ready-made mistakes

Money is a storage  it makes you feel euphoric

Later I discovered    a shadow and it hovered

On my interest creating crime…

It’s a fine line

He got out of hand

Financing shifting sands

Read it in the paper, good news ‘bout a banker

Gave it all away, to people old and fray

Heard it in the news, of whom he was accused

Misappropriated the funds but he related:

My thoughts went bold

Later on you’ll agree

To be in cash means to me

That we are supposed to be

Generous to a fault reversing the assault

There is no destiny just splendid devilry

My thoughts need time…

Your ideas re-align

Our views do depend

On ready-made mistakes

Missing Trombone

Industrial Wasteland