You just missed my heart (agony)

Seltsamerweise hat das Erschießen wehrloser Tiere beim angeblich sportlichen Jagen viele Freunde. Gegen einen augenblicklichen Tod in dem Augenblick, in dem die Kugel trifft, wäre nichts einzuwenden. Aber: Sehr häufig treffen die Jäger daneben, woraufhin das angeschossene Tier unsägliche Qualen leidet:

You can hunt me down brother

You are quite an expert

Once upon a time your mother

taught you not to kill deer (dear)

But you fell prey to wrong people


Hunting is amazing you say

sweeping all the woods clean

Chasing out the beasts your father

told you: don’t show mercy

But don’t you feed only to kill?


Instant death is right you’ll tell me

I won’t disagree here

Painless ends are better than to

perish over years, clear

But often you miss causing

A-go-ny, agony…


You just missed my heart o hunter

I will keep on bleeding

Till the end is nigh or rather till my eyes are broken



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