My flat’s a dockyard

My flat’s a dockyard

And I hear that         sound

Of somebody            around

The restless   legs

Searching for anchorage

Whoever it is it’s driving me mad

And I know for          sure

Anyone in my           place

Would feel the same           Am I to blame

Blue drilling machines

Their noise in my veins

Causing high pressure / acoustic aggressors

My flat’s a     dockyard

Somebody’s  riveting

But I know for sure

Should ever you need

A helping hand / as quick as I can

I would come around

Would be bound to see

Bells and whistles / latest of toys, senses

swim and swoon

But if any time soon

Should I need help / you won’t let me down

with your clomping feet

on my ceiling the beat

Of your wrong trumpet play / I’ll lump it and say

My flat’s a     dockyard

Afternoons    being marred


I might go aloft

As you’re partying late, poly-

phasic sleep / too much on my plate

My flat’s a     dockyard




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